• Jamie Sutcliffe

Fire Station Blues for the NHS

Thursday Night saw us lend a helping hand to the Mansfield Fire Station providing them with a range of LED lights to illuminate their fire station to say thank you to the Key Workers helping Britan through these uncertain times.

Mansfield fire engine lit in blue
Mansfield Fire Station

We installed 10 of our ADJ Tri LED pars in the garage to provide a blue wash across their fleet of fire engines. One of the complications with this install is ensuring that cables and lights are kept out of the way to allow the station to function as normal. Along with the garage, we lit the windows and entranceway to complete the front of the building.

In the reception area, we provided an additional 6 fixtures to fill in the windows and staircase of the entranceway, this along with the garage and the tower at the rear really create a statement in the local area.

At the rear of the fire station, the fire service hung a massive 10 meters high banner off the side of their tower thanking the NHS. It was then our job to light this evenly from the ground, we enlisted the help of two of our high powered LED floods to reach the very top of the banner and the tower.

Mansfield Fire Station was "over the moon" with this installation. We will be leaving this project in for the next two weeks.

Outside of Mansfield Fire Station
Mansfield Fire Station

09/04/2020 #lightitblue #makeitblue